Energy Diversity and Independence

The United States has always been a world leader in new technology and innovation. We must continue our leadership and further develop our renewable energy infrastructure. Creating American jobs that cannot be outsourced, lowering long term costs for electricity, and building a more predictable and more secure energy grid must be priorities for a vibrant Texas future. Becoming energy diverse and independent is the goal as we become self-determining and leave our reliance on foreign oil in the past.

China is currently leading the way with solar energy development. If we let them beat us to mass production, they will have a technological monopoly over the world’s energy future. China would be able to set the global agenda with their new-found power and leave the United States and Texas behind. London and New York City are the financial hubs of the globe, Houston, Texas should be the energy capitol of the world.

Right now, Texas leads the United States in power created from wind energy, we beat the next three states combined. According to engineers at the Solutions Project, by the year 2050, Texas could supply 50% of our energy needs from onshore wind turbines. With the addition of offshore wind, residential solar panels, solar farms, and a few other sources Texas could be 100% energy independent by 2050. This would create over 500,000 full time 40-year construction and operation jobs in Texas. By doing this, our carbon footprint will be reduced and an estimated $5.42 Billion dollars in healthcare costs would be saved. In addition, by the year 2050, a completely renewable energy system will produce each kWh for 8.7ȼ. If we were to continue to rely on fossil fuels that energy will instead cost us 10.7ȼ. It makes economic sense for consumers and producers.

By prioritizing a renewable energy future, homeowners can become more self-determining with their energy production and consumption. Independence is what Texans are all about; being energy independent is the next logical step.

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