Stop Political Corruption

For too long politicians on both sides of the aisles have been bought and paid for by corporations and special interest groups. These companies and groups have only their own interests in mind. They buy access and influence in our political system. I want to put an end to the legalized political bribery that has hijacked our democracy.


Rebuild Texas Infrastructure

Infrastructure is figuratively and literally the foundation upon which our society is built. Without it, our cities and towns can't function. We need to lower congestion on our roads, provide clean drinking water to all our citizens, and protect our communities from floods that wipe out homes and businesses. An advanced infrastructure is a public good and is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to create good paying jobs that every Texan would be proud to have. When infrastructure investment goes up, household incomes and GDP grow with it. It makes economic sense.     Read More >


Strengthen Public Education

Texas has some of the best colleges and universities in the United States, but our public-school system needs improvements. When teachers are paying out of their own pocket for supplies, we have a problem. Education is the great equalizer and is the public institution that provides our nation’s youth with the tools they need to be self-sufficient and productive members of our society. Join me in fighting for a just and fair educational system we can be proud of.     Read More >


End The Failed War On Drugs

For decades, the Unites States government has been waging the war on drugs at home and abroad. This had led to millions of arrests, countless lives lost, and has kept private prisons full. It has fallen on the state and local police to pay for the enforcement of these laws. This so-called war has instigated grave injustices to the American people and has been a total and complete failure. Texas can take control of our own destiny and repudiate these unjust, unfair, and un-scientific laws. This endless, senseless, costly, and non-effective war on drugs must end.

Instead of using our tax dollars to arrest citizens and put them in profit driven private prisons we should be funding mental health and rehabilitation facilities. As the opioid epidemic affects an increasing portion of the nation, lawmakers are starting to view drug use and drug addiction differently. It is a shame that only once it started to affect their families and their communities, some have started to pay attention and correct the course. It took them too long. Instead of criminalizing our neighbors and friends for their addictions we should provide them with the help they need.             Read More >


Energy Diversity And Independence

The United States has always been a world leader in new technology and innovation. We must continue our leadership and further develop our renewable energy infrastructure. We should be creating American jobs that cannot be shipped overseas, lowering long term costs for electricity, and building a more predictable and more secure energy grid. By prioritizing a renewable energy future, home owners can be self-determining energy producers for themselves and their neighbors. Independence is a Texan superlative; being energy independent is the next step.


Protect Civil Rights & Liberties

In order for us to progress as a society, it is important to take a good hard look at our laws, how we enforce them, and how they affect our community. Sometimes laws disproportionately affect minority and vulnerable groups that don’t have governmental power. We have come a long way in recent decades. But if we do not learn from history, we are bound to repeat it. We must stand up and speak up as the fight continues every single day in Texas for equal rights and equal treatment.


Environmental Justice And Conservation

The Earth’s natural beauty is all around us in Texas. Many leaders who came before us had the foresight to protect areas and grant them park status. As an Eagle Scout, I believe that it is up to us to continue their legacy of protection and provide an area for our communities to explore the clean and conserved outdoors. Houston’s District 133 is sandwiched between George Bush Park and Memorial park with Terry Hershey Park and Buffalo Bayou running through it. These areas not only provide a recreational gathering spot but also boost property values and the desirability of the area. Stand with me in protecting public lands that provide recreational, health, and economic boosts to our community.


Criminal Justice Reform

One of the gravest injustices we currently have here in our nation is the existence of private prisons. The idea of people profiting off the incarceration of another is abominable. Our prison system should be intended to rehabilitate law-breakers so that they are more suited for society when they leave prison than when they came in. Unlike Jim Murphy, I will fight to end all private prison institutions in the great state of Texas and lower our recidivism rate.

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