Stop Political Corruption

For too long politicians on both sides of the aisles have been bought and paid for by corporations and special interest groups. These companies and groups only have their interests in mind, they expect a return on their investment, and they get it from those politicians. I want to put an end to the legalized political bribery that has hijacked our democracy.

Currently at the state level, the Texas Ethics Commission poses no limit to the amount that a person, company, or political action committee can contribute to a statewide election. A handful of donors could fund a candidate’s campaign, and when that person is elected, that officeholder answers to their donors and passes legislation that helps them, not us.

Imagine your representative as they are about to vote on a bill. If it comes down to protecting us or the corporations that donated thousands of dollars to their campaign… who do you think they will side with? Two professors did a study to try and figure out if congress actually represents us. They found that elected officials vote in line with their donors almost exclusively.

The current State Representative of District 133, Jim Murphy, has taken money from the following groups just in the last filing period:

  • Private Education Industry
    • Texas Charter Schools Now PAC
  • Private Prison Industry
    • AFSCME TX Correctional Officers PAC
  • Telecommunications Industry
    • AT&T Texas PAC
    • Comcast Corporation & NBCUniversal Political Action Committee
    • TX Friends of Time Warner Cable PAC
  • Oil & Gas Industry
    • Energy Transfer Partners Texas PAC
    • Phillips 66 Political Action Committee PAC66
    • Chesapeake Energy for Texans PAC
    • Energy Political Action Committee
    • Marathon Oil Company PAC of Texas (MOCPAC-TX)
  • Big Box Retailers
    • WAL-PAC Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Political Action Committee

Political fraud isn't just about the money. It also includes discriminatory voting restrictions and gerrymandered districts that allow politicians to pick their voters. 

If elected, I will work to:

  • Pass campaign finance reform
  • Create and enforce a maximum campaign donation limit.
  • Put an end to corporate and special interest group donations.
  • Support publicly funded elections.
  • Protect the voting rights of every eligible citizen.
  • Same day and online voter registrations.
  • Protect the open primary voting system we currently have in Texas.
  • Fight for Rank Choice Voting


Only the people of Texas deserve a voice in our democratic process.

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